Pilar Molina

The change that shakes your company

Hi, I'm Pilar Molina, a consultant, trainer and coach and I have one goal: to help your company improve sales results with the commitment of the people is working in the company ensuring organizational development with proper change management. Maybe you're wondering, how all these transforms into results for your company. Very easy!
What you can get is:
  • Increase in sales.
  • Increase the satisfaction of your customers.
  • More commitment from your employees.
  • Maximization of talent
  • More productivity and efficiency.
  • Increase the profitability of your company thanks to more effective and efficient processes.
  • Effective recruitment processes.
  • Ensure continuous improvement

I will go along with you in the process of change to add value to your organization, whatever your company may be.

I want to know more!

In SME I give name to problems and bring organizational and leadership
In multinationals, I give support to the annual training plans that cover the strategy of the company, I cover positions in “interim” mode and I go along with you in projects related to change implementations.
And in companies where customer service is key, I help them improve the customer experience.

Do you want we talk?

What can I do for growing
your business?


I help you with the diagnosis, I go along with you in planning, implementation and evaluation. We will agree on the follow-up!


Training is basic if we want to do a good change management.


I go along with you in the achievement of your goals.

Interim Management

I join your company externally to carry out the mission that you assign me.

The only constant
in life is change

And why do we focus on change management?

Because in our personal life and in the workplace, there is something that never changes and is the change itself. We constantly have to be prepared for it!
For this, all of us must leave our own comfort zone. It is not easy, but when it’s done it only produces benefits, because it goes directly to the personal development and implicitly to the professional. There is no point of return, and when one is fond of leaving that area, it no longer stops. That area is infinite and tremendously enriching

Do you want to be a partner of Pilar Molina?

In all this way, I'm not alone. I work with a network of professionals dedicated to the business world and consulting. Partners who are willing to help and work with me to
provide a full service and achieve the goals of our customers. Together we will go further



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