Pilar Molina


Pilar Molina, consultora, formadora y coach

I’m Pilar Molina. I graduated in tourism companies and activities. In my first interview when they asked me what my ideal job was I answered one that combine contact with customer, languages and travel. In addition to working for objectives. And for more than 20 years, in a multinational environment, my professional life has turned on these four pillars.

As I was assuming responsibility roles in sales, customer service and management positions, I realized that the most important thing that companies have are PEOPLE and this led me to enter in the world of human resources, to certify myself as a personal & executive COACH and to study a master’s degree in HR management.

In addition, being a member of the board of directors has given me a global

In addition, being a member of the board of directors has given me a global vision of the business and the areas of finance, production, marketing, sales, customer service, legal, IT, supply chain and HR.

These are some of my certifications:

Coach (CAC, Nº10989) by the Spanish Coaching Association (Asesco); Extended Disc Certification; Certification in Neuro-Leadership; Certification in Sikkhona Methodology; International Certification Licensed Practitioner of NLP (R.Bandler, co-creator of PNL); Accredited in Method to manage changes and innovate in the company.

I am an expert in processes of customer service, sales, human resources and multicultural team management with experience in:

  • Strategic planning of the company
  • Improvement of HR, sales and customer service processes
  • Leadership in projects related to change management
  • Management of Multicultural teams with subsidiaries in EMEA
  • Implementation of new methodology and skills in the teams.
  • Management of transversal projects across the organization
  • Leadership
  • Team cohesion
  • Talent management
  • Change management
  • Interdepartmental relations Optimization
  • Continuous improvement

The most important thing that companies have are PEOPLE

My company is born when I realize that there are many companies that would earn more if they built their processes thinking about their external and internal customers, that there is a great opportunity for improvement at the customer service level, and that many companies they would increase sales if they invested in training for the staff. I also see that, in many cases, when some companies want to implement changes, they do not have enough in mind to their team.

Apart from this part, I realize the importance of the training in order people acquire knowledge, skills and also impact on their own attitude to get the best out of them with the goal of EVERYONE win, and when I say all, is client, company and of course the people who are part of the company. And, yes, it is possible!

One last note. My website says a lot about me. I love the sea, I am a lover of Altafulla, a small village in Tarragona. Here are two of my favorite restaurants. On my website you will see marguerites, they are my favorite flowers.

Pilar Molina, consultora, formadora y coach


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